Edgo Services Centers – Test

Safe, modern facilities

Edgo Services Centers (ESC) are established bases that provide a range of services and support options for Edgo’s own operations as well as for its customers and partners. Edgo is a leader in planning, constructing, managing and operating these bases that provide operations, training and accommodation support for the oil and gas industry.

The ESCs we have set up provide international and regional oil and gas companies with modern and secure facilities that cater to the professional and personal needs of their staff.

Edgo owns and operates ESCs in Chad, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Oman, Uganda, Yemen and Sri Lanka and plans to establish further ESCs in other Middle Eastern and African countries in the near future.

Each ESC provides a focus for Edgo activities in the country and across the region. For our customers, these bases lower entry barriers to markets by offering a safe and comfortable working environment in areas where companies are seeking to establish operations for the first time.

Edgo Services Centers Basra

The Edgo Services Center offers a highly secure, flexible business solution for oil and gas companies and their service providers in Iraq.

Strategically located close to the Rumaila oilfield, the center has good access to the West Qurna and Zubair fields and is within easy reach of Basra city and the international airport.

The 125,000mcenter offers secure, good value accommodation, office space, warehousing and storage, repair and service workshops and training facilities in a well-designed and comfortable environment. Clients at the professionally managed service center can choose from a range of services to fit their own business needs and budgets.