Our Business

Technical services to the energy sector

Delivering effective integrated technical services

Since its establishment as a drilling operator in 1956, Edgo has developed into an international engineering company offering technical services and support to the energy sector in the Middle East and Africa. Through our network of qualified local partners and complementary international companies we deliver effective integrated service solutions as a multidisciplinary business across the globe.

Currently Edgo serves the energy markets in these regions from 32 bases in 21 countries, offering expertise in oilfield services and logistic support. This extensive geographical reach is reflected by a track record of projects with international corporations in the energy and utility sectors and many national companies across the Middle East and Africa. We also provide independent oil and gas exploration and production services through our subsidiary Edgo Energy.

We have built our business by adapting to local conditions, tailoring our services to the needs of each client, promoting skills development among local communities and delivering service excellence in complex and demanding environments.