HSBC Group chairman inaugurates new branch at Edgo’s Atrium building in Amman’s Abdali district

A ceremony was held on Wednesday 31st of March 2010 in Amman, at The Atrium building in Amman’s Central Business District, Abdali, to mark the inauguration of HSBC’s new branch. Mr Stephen Green, Group Chairman of HSBC Holdings plc, inaugurated the branch and the ceremony was hosted by Mr Munib R. Masri, Chairman of Edgo.

The ceremony took place in the presence of Sheikh Baha’a R. Hariri, Chairman of Abdali Investment and Development PSC., the Governor of the Jordan Central Bank H.E. Dr. Umayya Toukan and the Mayor of the Greater Amman Municipality, H.E. Eng. Omar Maani who were present as guests of honour.

HSBC announced its decision to open a branch at The Atrium in December of 2008 under a long term lease agreement with Edgo, owners and developers of the building. The Atrium, scheduled for completion in December of this year, is located strategically at the heart of the Abdali Central Business District and overlooks the Project’s two main centres of activity, the Boulevard and the Central Market Place.


Mr Masri explained the significance of the Project as creating a new and fully integrated business centre which was previously missing from Amman. The development of Abdali is expected to enhance the business image of the country and encourage additional investments, both from Jordan as well as from the region. Mr Masri added that HSBC’s foresight in being at the forefront of the capital’s new business hub affirms the importance of the project as well as the bank’s commitment to Jordan in line with the HSBC’s approach to being the “World’s Local Bank”. Mr Masri stressed Edgo’s strong commitment and belief in the prospects and opportunities that Jordan holds, including Edgo’s partnership with the Government of Jordan in the management and construction of Queen Alia International Airport’s new terminal as well as other projects and investments in which the Group has been involved, in the Kingdom, over the past 53 years.

Sheikh Baha’a R. Hariri stated “HSBC’s decision to open a branch in Abdali is proof that there is widespread belief in the future of the project. The event highlights the economic stability in Jordan and also the continuity of trust in the system as demonstrated by HSBC’s expansion into one of the main projects in the capital. As new local and global companies take root in Abdali, the future of Amman promises to be more prosperous. Abdali will soon be the thriving centre of the capital”.

Mr Stephen Green, HSBC Group Chairman commented: “HSBC is thrilled to be a part of Abdali. We are expanding our business in Jordan and we see Abdali as an important part of our expansion. We employ more people, have more customers and conduct more business in Jordan than ever before. HSBC is very much open for business in Jordan. The contrast between the rich history of this city and the new Amman represented by Abdali is remarkable. It is a testament to the leadership of the Kingdom of Jordan and to the city of Amman that the ‘old’ is preserved alongside the growth of the new.”