The Munib and Angela Masri Foundation to Rebuild School in Yemen

On International Women’s Day, the Munib and Angela Masri Foundation have announced their support of a girls’ school in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a.

As the humanitarian crisis in the war-torn country continues to deepen, Yemen’s children continue to suffer due to high levels of violence and poverty. 80% of the Yemeni population are now in need of humanitarian aid and 3.4 million children in the country are no longer able to attend school.

In support of the children of Yemen and in recognition of the affiliation between the Palestinian and Yemeni people, the Munib and Angela Masri foundation is funding the rebuilding of the Khawla Bint Al-Azwar school and equipping it so the crucial education of the girls can continue.

The school was built in 1987 and educates approximately 1800 girls from first to twelfth grade. In the last six years, the school has been damaged six times due to air raids. As part of its commitment to improving education and health services in the Arab world, the Munib and Angela Masri foundation will extend its support to other schools in the country.

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