The Masri Foundation Supports Kidney Diseases Center in Nablus

The Munib & Angela Masri Foundation has donated one million US dollars to support the opening of the new kidney diseases treatment center at the Al-Najah National University Hospital in Nablus. The new center will play a significant role in extending access to services to those suffering from kidney diseases in Nablus and throughout Palestine.

The center is the largest of its kind in Palestine and can accommodate over one hundred patients at one time in several different departments. The center has been equipped with the latest technology, including advanced follow-up devices that can conduct rapid examinations and record them electronically.

At full capacity, the center will provide daily treatment for four hundred and fifty patients with kidney failure diseases, offering hemodialysis services and peritoneal dialysis, as well as a number of diagnostic and therapeutic services. The center aims to expand the scope of services available in Palestine including kidney transplantation and early detection. The center will also support education in medicine and health sciences, as well as advancement of scientific research in this field.

Masri Foundation founder, Munib R Masri, praised the role played by Al-Najah University hospital in developing healthcare in Palestine and stressed the importance of supporting the institution to help improve the lives of the people of the country. Mr Masri outlined that supporting the work of the hospital is part of the Foundation’s vision to support the Palestinian health sector, developing it so that it can provide the latest medical services to Palestinians within their own country.

The Munib & Angela Masri Foundation is an independent, non-profit institution established in 1970 and works in various fields of development, including education, health, scientific research, culture, and economic empowerment. The Masri Foundation also works in partnership with various institutions across Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon.