QASR and SPARK Sign MOU to Provide Skills For Young People

Al Quds Academy for Scientific Research (QASR) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SPARK, an independent, non-profit organization, which helps young people, particularly women and refugees, to study, work and grow their own businesses in fragile communities.

Through the MOU, the two parties will work together to create programs to develop the capabilities of young people in Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon, in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship and employability.

The MOU aligns and complements the strategic goals of QASR and SPARK Jordan, which both seek to upskill and reskill young people in the region. The organizations will focus on educational courses and programs that offer skills that meet current labor needs, especially in the digital workplace, allowing young people to maximize their employability but also feel confident to start their own businesses.

Signing the MOU, Omar M Masri, chairman of Al Quds Academy for Scientific Research stressed the importance of young people in the region being able to access high-quality training run by specialists, based on international best practices. He emphasized that with this type of training, the younger generation will be able to meet the demands of the workplace, now and in years to come. Mr Masri also underlined QASR’s commitment, supported by the Munib and Angela Masri Foundation, to build further partnerships with the best regional institutions to support the development of youth skills.

Signing the MOU on behalf of SPARK, Mrs Haneen Al-Khatib expressed her organization’s pride in becoming one of QASR’s network of regional partners and their commitment to working in partnership with QASR to develop specialized, quality programs and provide all necessary technical and advisory support.

Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research is a non-profit organization that is part of the higher education, research support and economic development arm of the Munib and Angela Masri Foundation and works in partnership with a large number of active institutions in Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon to promote innovation and economic empowerment in the Arab world.