Omar M Masri Launches Khoyoot Center for Social Development and Training in Al Baqa’a Refugee Camp

On Monday 13 March, Omar M Masri, board member of the Munib and Angela Masri Foundation (MAF) opened the head office of the Khoyoot Center for Social Development and Training in Al Baqa’a Refugee Camp on the northern side of Amman, Jordan.

The opening of the head office comes after a cooperation agreement was signed by MAF last summer providing financial support. The center provides training to the women of the Al Baqa’a camp, giving them the skills needed to work from home. The women can access training through courses and workshops offered regularly by the center. These courses, which include embroidery and Palestinian heritage, help them improve their productivity and increase their sales, which in turn, boosts their living standards.

Speaking at the inauguration Mr Masri said:

“This center will allow women to engage in professional and vocational training aimed at developing their business skills, providing them with a sustainable income and a better quality of life.

The Munib and Angela Masri Foundation has a long-standing commitment to supporting local communities and skills development, especially among women and young people. We are delighted to be able to help this initiative, which is not only creating a brighter future for the women but preserving an important part of the Palestinian heritage”.

At the launch, the founder of the center, Basma Al Nather, spoke of the progress so far, which includes the creation of a sewing room equipped with sewing and stitching machines, along with a storage room to hold threads, fabrics and other materials. Basma Al Nather expressed her deep gratitude for MAF’s support which has guaranteed the existence of the center and helped achieve one of the initiative’s main goals – the financial, social and cultural support of the women of the camp.

The Munib & Angela Masri Foundation is an independent, non-profit institution established in 1970 and works in various fields of development, including education, health, scientific research, culture, and economic empowerment. The Masri Foundation also works in partnership with various institutions across Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon.