ESP Mena and Baker Hughes Hold Technical Seminar for MOG

ESP Mena and Baker Hughes held a technical seminar for Mellitah Oil and Gas (MOG) recently. The seminar took place at MOG’s headquarters in Tripoli, Libya and was widely attended by members of the company’s reservoir management and drilling and workover departments.

Experts from Baker Hughes’ research and development department in the UK delivered presentations on the two main challenges that MOG face with their wells, scale and wax deposition. Dealing effectively with these issues are critical as both could cause production to cease. During the seminar, the formation of scale and wax were discussed and the different options for removal.

The presentations took an in depth look at chemical removal and, importantly, the methods of treatment and future prevention. Different squeeze methods, programs, steps and their effectiveness were discussed and case studies and examples from around the world were also presented.

Scale prevention is crucial in all active wells as it guarantees smooth production throughout the life cycle of the well.  Scale prevention is part of Baker Hughes’ Flow Assurance family of products, which are designed to proactively manage risks and keep production flowing.