Edgo Launches State of the Art Service Center in Tripoli

Edgo and John Crane have launched a state-of-the-art center in Tripoli, Libya for the service, repair and testing of wet seals.

075_pigThe first of its kind in Libya, the wet seal service center, is based in the Edgo Services Center in the Libyan capital and will significantly reduce turnaround times, improve services and allow local access to world-leading expertise and technology.

The centrally located facility will mean that all repairs can be carried out in Libya, saving time and minimizing the supply chain. The center will also help to increase reliability by identifying root causes of equipment failure and allow engineers to witness the fitting and testing of seals.

A key benefit to the new service center is the provision of training that will allow local engineers to learn from experts, ensuring that they understand the operation, maintenance and safety of mechanical seals. Seal training workshops will be offered, both on and offsite, aiming to promote longer seal life, reduced operating costs and a safer environment.

In addition to repair and testing, the new service center will also offer:

  • Seal upgrades
  • Seal refurbishment with full warranty
  • Seal identification
  • Coupling and laser alignment
  • Onshore and offshore installation and commissioning
  • Control systems
  • Trouble shooting by locally based engineers
  • On hand training for clients’ engineers and technicians