Camco Holds Low Resistivity Pay Workshop in Libya

In line with its commitment to supporting the work of Libya’s National Oil Company (NOC) and its joint venture companies, Camco recently held a workshop in Tripoli looking at the challenges of low resistivity pay (LRP).

LRP, or the overestimation of water saturation in the presence of hydrocarbons, has been a challenging problem in formation evaluation for many years and its identification is crucial to the development of many oil and gas fields.

The team from Camco shared their local and international experience with management and technical teams from NOC’s exploration department, Nafusah Oil Operations, AGOCO, Sirte Oil Company and Zallaf Libya Oil and Gas. The workshop looked specifically at the Ghadames Basin in Libya and the causes of LRP in the area, how to identify it, quantify it and overcome the challenges it presents.

The workshop was held in partnership with NOC and case studies were presented using data from a pilot project run by Nafusah Oil Operations.