Camco Drills First Horizontal Well in Libya

Camco and its technology partner in Libya, Baker Hughes, have successfully drilled the first horizontal well for Akakus Oil Operations (AOO). The well is the first of two horizontal wells awarded to Camco and saw its senior drilling engineers deploy its state of the art Baker Hughes drilling and formation evaluation technology.

The directional drilling began from the cement plug to the pilot hole through the build up section and drilled to the casing point at the top of the reservoir at an angle of 85 degrees. The horizontal drain section was drilled with advanced measurement while drilling (MWD) technology combined with the latest logging while drilling (LWD) and formation evaluation while drilling technology along with a real time reservoir navigation service (RNS).

This resulted in 100% reservoir contact within the sweet spot from the entry to the well’s total depth. The client objective was to drill through the pay zone horizontally, keeping a specific distance from the cap rock whilst staying away from the oscillating water column and steering the drain hole to the target depth with realtime monitoring.

The Camco team deployed the latest technology including the Autotrak eXact rotary steerable system, AZI-Trak and MAG-Trak. This key milestone was a result of excellent teamwork and the latest technology combined with Camco’s in-depth local knowledge.

Camco is an exclusive supplier of onshore drilling services in Libya using Baker Hughes’s leading-edge directional drilling technology. In addition, Camco offers MWD and LWD services to national oil companies offshore Libya.