Test-Technical knowledge and industry experience

Technical knowledge and industry experience

Edgo has a high level of expertise in the integration and assembly of vital oilfield equipment such as systems for wellhead control applications. Edgo staff have the technical knowledge and industry experience to handle all aspects of the integration and assembly process, from initial design work through to testing and training.


Case study

Edgo Services Center, Basra

Covering 165,000m2, the ESC in Basra is strategically placed to serve the oil fields of Rumaila, West Qurna and Zubair, and many leading companies use it as a base from which to conduct their business activities. By building such ESCs and making their facilities available, Edgo is underlining its commitment to developing and promoting vital business infrastructure across the region.

The Edgo training campus at Basra includes a multidisciplinary training facility, living quarters and associated amenities. This campus is helping to address the shortage of affordable training facilities that can provide the in-depth, hands-on technical training that is needed across Iraq.

Within the ESC Basra, Edgo has opened a purpose-built training Center for Russian oil giant LUKOIL. The Center provides classrooms, language and computer laboratories, and fully equipped training workshops. Facilities such as these can be difficult to find in Iraq, so LUKOIL has taken out a multi-year lease on the facility, which handles the training needs of more than 350 of its Iraqi trainees on a daily basis. The training programme includes theoretical and practical training in well production, the treatment of oil and gas, instrumentation and control systems, and the operation of electrical and mechanical equipment.