Nidal Abu-Maizer elected to the board of Financial Analysts Association-Syria

Nidal Abu-Maizer, Assistant Vice President of Edgo Ventures, has been elected as a board member of the Financial Analysts Association-Syria, a professional body whose efforts he has led since June 2009.

The Association aims to be a key contributor in the development of Syria’s growing capital markets by promoting education in the fields of financial analysis and investment management and by raising the level of professionalism and ethical standards in those fields. The Association’s role complements Syria’s reform plan which is aimed at liberalising and modernising Syria’s economy. The plan seeks to create an investor friendly environment by restructuring key economic sectors, revising laws and regulations, forming specialised regulatory bodies, and creating organised and functional capital markets. A milestone in Syria’s reform drive has been the launching of the Damascus Securities Exchange, which is expected to boost Syria’s attractiveness as an investment destination.

Nidal was elected during the Association’s founding members meeting which was held in Damascus on December 12, 2009. The meeting was attended by 24 founding members, which included some of the most prominent figures in the financial services industry in Syria. The Society’s official launch will take place after its registration with the appropriate government authorities has been completed.